there are two rather large containers of frozen dessert in the freezer right now. why? because yogurtland in scottsdale had a groupon. i bought it months ago, and it was expiring yesterday, so i drug MF (very much against his will) to yogurtland to fill up two large containers full of more fro-yo than we should ever be eating. why? BECAUSE IT WAS HALF OFF.

tonight, i drag MF (this time even more against his will) to central phoenix for a poetry reading of selected works of edgar allan poe. did i do this because i have any particular interest in edgar allan poe? because i looove poetry? no. i did it because GROUPON WAS SAVING ME TWELVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS! clearly i had no other choice.

obviously the ride home wasn’t without protest- i listened the whole way as to why it was completely whack and how MF would have rather been at home playing games on his iphone while on the shitter. my idea for redeeming myself? offering to get us dinner! where do i suggest? how about the sandwich shop that i… um…. have a groupon for.

this is getting out of hand. i even still have two tickets to a pumpkin patch in scottsdale (?!) and five classes of bikram yoga.

i’m cut off.