A friend of mine posted this a few months ago. I’ve never been one of those “music is life” people, but I really do love it- how can you not? It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s powerful, it’s touching. One time I went on a date with a person who said he didn’t listen to music and it just about ended the date on the spot. I remember thinking… okay, is this person a sociopath? How do you not listen to music? What do you do in your car? Your shower? How do you not have a soundtrack to your life?

Anyway, here are some songs that are special to me. It would be fun to see what other people post, so make sure to comment if you do this on your own blog.

What was the first song you bought?

My very first music purchase with my own money was The Sign by Ace of Base. Still to this day the songs from that album instantly bring me back. To nerd it up a little bit and take it a few years before then, I remember doing extra chores around the house and begging my mom for the album English Rose by Elton John.

What song always gets you dancing?

This question reminded me of when someone on twitter asked “What song reminds you of your high school prom?” and my instant response was “Back Dat Azz Up” by Juvenile. This. Was. My. JAM. Me and my girlfriends would make a bee line straight for the dance floor every time this song came on, and copious teenage ass shaking would ensue. It still gets me moving even now, and always puts a smile on my face.

What song takes you back to your childhood?

As a child of the 80’s with a young mom in her early 20’s, she was pretty much a rock star in my eyes. She had awesome big hair and her jean jackets were so cool. I mean, seriously, she rode a motorcycle. You can imagine that I heard a lot of hair band ballads growing up. None sticks out to me quite as much as Love Bites, by Def Leppard.

What is your perfect love song?

There’s really not many ways I consider myself traditional or old fashioned. That being said, there is this small part of me holds on to the idea of how beautiful it is for a man to ask my parents before proposing to me. I think it would be such an amazing show of respect towards my family. This song, Real Good Hands by Gregory Porter is beautiful in so many ways. It’s him singing to a man about how he plans to not only take good care of his daughter, but how he hopes to some day be as good a man as he is. I admit, the first time I heard this song I cried.

What song would you want at your funeral?

I know it’s cliche, but there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house. It’s a little overused, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a beautiful melody.

Time for an encore. One last song that makes you, you.

Anyone who has been out drinking with me at a karaoke bar has probably heard me sing this more than once. I can’t even count how many times I’ve sang it, and I always have a blast doing it. I have so many great memories at the places I used to go sing, it sort of grew up with me. All my special occasions, birthdays, even my bachelorette party, I’d always demand karaoke nights and it kind of became my signature song. I’ve kind of stopped going since coming back to Arizona, but this song will always have a spot in my heart.