The braces are on my face. After making the decision this summer, it’s been a long road of saving money and dental visits to get like seven fillings to prepare. But they’re finally here. The excitement has tapered precipitously, and it’s been an annoying 24 hours of yogurt, soup and protein shakes. So far they’re uncomfortable but not unbearable. It’s a dull ache that is increased when I bite down. The bottom row isn’t on yet, and that comes in about five weeks. I’d almost rather have them all on at once and get over it, but I took their suggestion and am waiting it out, as apparently the bottom row is a bit more uncomfortable. Yay.

Wax has been a saving grace, and oatmeal is less braces-friendly than you’d imagine.

I’ve brushed my teeth no less than 14,762 times since yesterday.

I’ve been taking advil like a crazy person, which I’m sure my gastrointernologist would be super annoyed about, and I’ll likely pay for in awful heartburn later.

More updates as this gets more interesting.