I wanted to have my perfect, movie star smile by 30. I didn’t quite make the cut off but I did it get started by then, so I guess that’s better than nothing. I’m about halfway through my smile makeover and I have to admit I’m pretty sick of being in at the dentist. Here’s my list and where I am with it all

8 fillings (done over 3 visits, cost- nearly $1,000)
Replacement crown (not done, will probably have to do soon, cost- $600)
Cleanings (Ongoing, every 3 months. Cost- $75 each, $450 over course of treatment )
Wisdom Teeth removal (Did yesterday. Sucks. Cost- $380)
Braces for 16-18 months (About 3 months in- Cost- $6,000)
Implant on lower molar (Have to wait until after braces. Cost- $5,000)
Celebratory professional whitening (After EVERYTHING is done- $500)
Total when all is completed- just under $14,000.

I’m really thankful for having decent dental insurance or else that $14k would be considerably higher. I was surprised that my wisdom teeth were so well covered by my insurance- they paid about $130o of it, leaving only the $380 I was responsible for. Unfortunately that ate all my benefits for 2013, but I don’t have anything else planned except for cleanings which are only about $75 each. Luckily all my braces appointments are covered with the total cost so hopefully that janky crown that needs replacing doesn’t explode this year. Probably will.

I’m just so looking forward to smiling completely unhindered and unashamed, all the money and all the time is so completely worth it- even as I’m sitting here typing this out with my face swollen like a balloon, a sore jaw and a nasty taste in my mouth from 15+ stitches- it’s all worth it.