Slowly but surely! I finally made a *teensy* bit of progress below my dreaded plateau weight, so hopefully I can keep with this trend. I had a little bit of backtracking to do- even though I ate really well on vacation I gained two pounds. Probably water weight from traveling. Those extra pounds plus almost one more is gone since last week, so I’ll take it!

I made it to the gym every day this week. I’m resting today (Saturday) and then back to the grind on Sunday. So far my schedule is as follows:

Monday: AM Crossfit
Tuesday: AM Personal Trainer + Cardio
Wednesday: AM Crossfit
Thursday: AM Personal Trainer + Cardio
Friday: AM Crossfit /PM Hot Yoga
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long and low cardio

It really wasn’t too hard, and the diversity keeps it interesting. The balance between work/housework/gym is tricky- I find I can handle two okay, but one tends to slip. I’m going to be more cognizant of managing my time this week and see how I do. I think I do best with a schedule.

Coach Crystal has me on a routine of supplements and drinking a GALLON of water a day. Sounded easy enough… but it’s tough! I feel like I’m in a constant state of chugging and peeing. Oh well. I had already been thinking my water consumption was too low- Tim Ferris suggested in 4HB this as a reason weight loss can stall, so I’m thinking it might be part of what is helping me budge off that plateau. Speaking of 4HB, I might start some of his weird body hacks just for fun to see if I notice any results. Ice baths. Yikes.