This week was a bit challenging, I’ll guess from pushing myself so hard the week before. I made it to the gym 5 days this week, which is not as good as last week but still WAY better than I had been doing previously. If an “off week” is only going 5 days, I’ll take it! I have just learned to listen to my body and rest when I need rest. I’m too old to push it like a crazy person- that is when shit starts to hurt and that puts me out of commission for even longer.

Funny thing is, even with taking things lighter I’ve had great losses this week. I’ve kept my diet pretty on point and I am down 3 pounds below my plateau weight!

Lessons learned this week:

1. I have to keep my calories up. If I get busy, I tend to skip a meal. When your coach has you on 1200 calories, you can’t afford to miss any food. This happened badly yesterday and I ended up light headed and almost having a mental breakdown in Sprouts. A Xanax and a protein shake later, I was good to go. It was still a pretty bad scene that I’d like to avoid in the future.

2. Water, water, water, water, water and water. Oh, and some more water. Fuck me, drinking a gallon water a day is like a second job. I feel like if I’m holding still, I should be drinking water. Good thing being in outside sales has given me an intimate knowledge of all the well kept public bathrooms in the East Valley.

3. Time management is still an issue. Haven’t quite gotten a handle on it. But I will.

4. If you want to get up at 5AM, you better be ready to go to bed no later than 10PM. Or you’ll feel like puking all day, or need a nap. Thems the breaks.

5. I feel like I live in workout clothes. Because of this, I shall reward myself a shopping trip to lululemon when I reach my next weight goal.

6. Cardio on machines is fucking boring. Unfortunately it’s one of my only options when it’s 100 degrees outside, there’s no fun class to take and there’s no Crossfit classes until Monday. Documentaries and shows on my fancy Kindle Fire HD have made this bearable. Thanks mom (awesome Christmas prezzy).

molly working out