Archives for the day of: June 9, 2013

Waist is shrinking! Arms and shoulders taking their sweet time, but that's ok. They're getting way stronger. Hangover obliterated. Also, totes got caught taking a selfie in the locker room. Haha! Busted.

Speaking of hangovers, this is why I feel like crap today. Flavored Smirnoff is half off at Frys right now. I know, crappy vodka, but was really fun to play with the flavors. #owwmyhead

Hangover workouts are even less fun when it's 104 out. Gahhh.

Since I've been to @EVOscottsdale 3 times this week for this drink, I had to recreate it. Plus, I made it low calorie- this whole drink is only 60 cals. Seriously though... Try this. Its sooo gooood! I present, the diet BB&T. Muddle blueberries, basil, lime juice and a packet of stevia. Add ice and 1oz of Blueberry vodka. Shake like crazy. Add diet tonic water and shake gently (it's fizzy) then strain over ice. Enjoy immensely.