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Finally got a new #polarwatch! Forgot how much I missed it, and how much it motivates me to push harder in my workouts! Thanks mom  #Legday today was bonkers. I may regret it in 48 hours... But for now- success! #fitness #ft7 #polarft7

I wanted to post this not only to share, but out of fear that Facebook has a tendency to make things disappear. Max wrote the most beautiful, heartfelt post right after we exchanged Christmas gifts this year. He really knocked it out of the park gift wise, but getting to read this was just as special as getting the painting itself. (click below to continue)

Christmas Painting

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This chick was going hard at the gym in her high heels on Saturday. Man, to think I turn around if I forget my headphones. No excuses! Haven't seen space suit lady or supershortshorts guy in awhile... Gotta love my gym ️ #gymcharacters #southscottsdale #lafitness #loveit cc: @mo_lllly