Started my T3 medication today. Here’s hoping I start seeing some improvement soon.

Birth control and Spironolactone are done as of last week.

Not much to report aside from nasty morning headaches the last two days, but some Excedrin and lots of water seemed to do the trick. Hoping it doesn’t persist, and it might even be unrelated.

Also had a meeting with the owner of my gym. He’s taking a really healthy and serious approach to reconditioning my metabolism. They’re going to be reverse dieting me to a healthier caloric baseline and slowly tapering down my cardio from 7 days a week it’s at now. I’m so glad that’s what he said, because I would have been so sad to leave. I told myself if they had any other path for me I’d find a new gym- obviously my health is paramount and I’m happy they see it the same way. I was happy to hear they had another client with similar health concerns who, once properly treating, had completely transformed her physique. I
Hope I get to be a similar success story.

As far as my show prospects I’m not worrying about it right now- just focusing on my health. It’ll take a good 4-6 weeks to get everything balanced and repeat my blood work to see where I end up. I’ve been working this long, there’s no reason not to be patient with myself to improve my overall outcome. If I can get myself back up to a baseline of 1800-2000 cals, my cut will be so much less drastic. Plus, I can actually put on some muscle since I won’t be living in such a major caloric deficit.

Funny thing is I’m so used to living on 1400 cals I can’t imagine eating 2000. That sounds like SO MUCH FOOD and not necessarily in a good way. Since I eat clean most of the time 1400 cals isn’t super easy! I feel like I’m constantly eating. I hope my macros include a lot of fat, because eating may have to become a part time job. I guess I’ve had worse jobs.