Ready to start peeling off some of this body fat to see some of the muscles I've been building! Speaking of- gotta get real for a second. I'm on the #strugglebus my friends! Last week was my national meeting in NJ/NY and I pretty much ate like a total dickhead and worked 12-15 hours a day and didn't hit the gym. Thankfully this muscle I've put on helped a sister out and I only gained like two pounds and had it off the day after I got home (probably water weight from all the sodium) BUT the point is what the eff do I do? I seem to have zero restraint when the little cart of hotel coffee and pastries comes out and all my meals are plated. No car to go to the store, not a ton of healthy options. It's not an excuse- I know some people out there figure it out. I am hoping maybe some pharma/traveling/etc people could chime in and give me some pointers?? @suswaters? @jessica_maxon_ ??