I'm so thankful to have these awesome photos to look back on this incredible time in my life. I've waited a long time to open my life and my heart to the idea of starting a family, and it's been a whirlwind of emotion from day one. Feeling beautiful isn't the easiest when you're struggling to even walk across the room- looking at these amazing pics from @alissa_melody_photo gives me all the feels and reminds me how beautiful this process really is, and to give myself grace. Getting to experience pregnancy is a gift, and there's never a guarantee I'll get to experience this again- so even through all the #thirdtrimesterproblems, the aches and pains I'm trying to enjoy the time with my little nugget while it's just me and him for these final weeks. #inspirepregnancy #maternityphotos #maternityshoot #pregnancyphotos #thirdtrimester #firsttimemom #firstbaby
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