So little #AtreyuMcMillan has been earthside for about 11 days now. As much as it was my intention to not spam everyone with baby pictures, A) it's really the only thing going on in my world at the moment, and B) just LOOK at that face! We certainly made a cute little dude. Mom-ing has been a big adjustment, but Max has made it much easier. He's taken to his new role as dad like a champ and I have an entirely new respect not only for parents in general but especially those who have to do this on their own. This new baby stuff is HARD, man. Like REAL HARD. I even feel like I've gotten off a bit light with a relatively easy birth (as far as births go) and a baby who only fusses when he needs something. It's still like our whole world has been turned upside down, but then he fart-smiles at me and I'm like "oh, it's all worth it now". #breastfeeding is not going well, but I'm still trying my hardest. More on that later I suppose. All in all, were good and just still existing in our baby cocoon and starting to find a little bit of a rhythm to life one day at a time. #newbaby #4thtrimester #babyatreyu #10dayspostpartum #postpartum #postpartumjourney #newbornbaby #newmomlife
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