A certain someone will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! I know he's still in the sleepy newborn stage but he's a pretty easygoing little dude. I still haven't figured out being a normal productive person AND a mom, but I guess that comes with time? As of right now I just sleep in three hour chunks whenever he's sleeping until like noon and beg my sister to pick up takeout for me every night Max has been sidelined with a sinus infection, so I'm trying to keep them apart as much as I can… so my glorious nights of sleeping a lot with him taking the night shift have been temporarily suspended 😑 I feel bad I haven't been good at replying to texts or messages but I've read and appreciate all the kind words. I've just been in this little cocoon of baby and pee and diapers and takeout and love but I promise I'll emerge before too long
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