This little wiggle worm is a month (and maybe a few days? What days is it again?) He's putting on weight like a champ and he's becoming much more aware of the world around him. He's doing a wee bit better on understanding nights vs day, but we're still not getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. He's insanely strong, and will stand himself up if we support him and is holding his head up during tummy time. He is enjoying his BabyBjorn bouncer, so clearly he shares his parent's passion for quality Scandinavian furniture. We're getting adjusted to this whole parenting gig, and while it's certainly not easy we're loving getting to know this little nugget #onemonthold #atreyumcmillan #newbornbaby #babymilestones #punkrockbaby #skullonesie #arizonamom #azmom #tempemoms
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