This beautiful little babe #atreyumcmillan is 6 weeks today! He's keeping us on our toes for certain… he's been going through some serious fussiness which isn't easy- it's hard hearing your baby cry and not knowing what to do to make him feel better. He's giving us a lot more awake time during the day, and discovering more of the world around him. While I burp him over my shoulder he stares out the window with wide eyes. He loves his playmat, mirrors and bath time. He is throwing us a couple social smiles a day, and is very vocal making tons of grunts and coos and I SWEAR one time he already mimicked me saying "hiiiii". He's holding his head up extremely well and he impresses everyone with how strong he is- especially for his age. He's growing like crazy. He hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed or undressed, and makes sure we know it. He's still not sleeping much more than 3 hours at a time at night but we work every night on making good sleep habits and being consistent the best we can (for two people with very little sense of personal routines). I am still shocked it's been 6 weeks already. We love this little nugget to pieces and hope we're doing a good job
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