Time for some #motherhoodrealness y'all. I love sharing these adorable pictures of him. But what you don't see is how he's sleeping on the couch on the #dockatot because he exploded poop all over the bedroom and even though I cleaned it all up the smell was lingering. You don't see that I'm in PJs and haven't showered since Tuesday. I hear everyone ask "omg didn't your heart quadruple in size the moment you saw him??" No, not really. It was joyful and powerful and overwhelming- yes. But he was this little stranger. I mostly felt anxiety about keeping him alive and curiosity and a primal drive to keep him close to me. I love him now, we've gotten to know each other and he's become a part of me- but it wasn't instantaneous and that's okay. There were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of tears between then and now. A lot of questioning and stress and fights with Max and me not sure if I was cut out for this whole motherhood gig. But here we are, almost two months later in a better place with everything. I say this all for my several friends who are pregnant or just recently had their babies- all this is normal and it WILL get better. Maybe you won't feel any of this and it'll be bliss right from the start and that's okay too!! And if nobody has told you today, YOU'RE🏻DOING🏻A🏻GREAT🏻JOB🏻 I had no idea how powerful those words could be until they were said to me and it instantly brought me to tears. This is all a crazy, heart wrenching shit show and that's okay. We're doing it and these little munchkins are staying alive, and will definitely yell that they hate us when they're 10, and resent us for something(s) when they're teenagers
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