Today marks 100 days #atreyumcmillan has been in the world. It’s also the last day of my maternity leave so I’ve been a bit of a weepy emotional mess. I am SO fortunate to work for an amazing company with an exceptional maternity leave policy, so I’m more fortunate than most in that way. It still feels like nearly no time at all. My heart aches when I think about not starting each morning with his smile, and ending each night holding him in the rocking chair. I know I’m leaving him in the most capable hands, between @fueledbypez and @mylissa_x3 he is more than well taken care of. It’s just me. I’m trying to look at the up side- Trey will have a chance to bond more with his dad. I’ll be able to pop an ambien and make up for three month of lost sleep. Not to mention getting back to feeling like a productive adult who wears more than just sweatpants. #100daysold #14weeksold #katequinnorganics #comphyco
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