First day back at work! Here I am. Unfiltered, unedited. Still about 30 pounds heavier than before baby. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me, but the newfound appreciation I have for my body is so real. I had heard women talk about that after having a baby and it’s so true. My body made life. It built the most beautiful child I have ever laid eyes on and he is smart, healthy and happy- like how absolutely incredible is that?? I need to channel that love and reverence I feel into starting to walk a healthier and more active path again. Now that I’m not in debilitating pain, I’m starting to feel ready to pick my fitness habits back up. I wouldn’t be able to do that without my amazing partner being such an amazing dad and being willing to watch him any time I want to escape for a moment and hit the gym. Off to work, and excited to officially be a #workingmom ️
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