Heyyoo it’s #atreyumcmillan’s HALF BIRTHDAY! He’s #sixmonthsold today, and what a wild ride it’s been. He had his 6 month checkup and vaccines early this morning (all on time, on CDC schedule 🏻 thank you modern science for this life saving gift) He’s growing like crazy and had a height growth spurt and is now in the 92nd percentile I’m gong to have to find a new photo area as he is clearly outgrowing this one This little nugget is as healthy as he can be and I am grateful for that every single day. He’s pretty consistently sleeping from 8pm – 6:30am, and takes 3 naps a day. He is becoming so much more communicative and aware of his voice. He loves standing up, but shows no real interest in crawling (which I’m SO fine with). He can roll both ways but doesn’t really seem to care to do it very often. He is close to sitting unsupported- we work on it every day and he can go 10-15 seconds on his own before he tips over He has taken a serious interest in the pets the past week or so, and the dog staring at him has evoked a real belly laugh which we don’t get to hear very often. He’s doing great with purees and soft foods and we’re excited to start expanding his diet in the coming weeks! We love you infinitely little Atreyu!! Current likes: pears, supported standing, dad holding you upside down, swimming, the swing, music, the cats and dog Current dislikes: shots, gripe water, carrots, rice cereal, being constipated and putting PJ’s on after bath time#monthlyatreyu #babyatreyu #sixmonths #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodthroughletterboards
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