How can it be #sevenmonths already?! I feel like I just blinked and a month passed It’s amazing seeing so much more of his personality showing through every day. Much like today when he was having no tolerance for our picture taking shenanigans. He is sitting up like a pro and eating like a champ! His favorite food is green beans, probably because they’re easy to hold. He LOVES water and is the star swimmer in little snappers. He’s sleeping and napping quite well- usually through the night without issue. No teeth yet but pretty sure they’re just around the corner. I’m loving his belly laughs and seeing him get visibly excited and how he’s exploring his environment so much more. He’s staring to recognize the sign for milk but hasn’t used it back to us yet. We fall in love more every day! So excited for summer to start to wrap up so we can start playing outside more! #monthlyatreyu #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodthroughletterboards #atreyumcmillan #sevenmonthsold #februarybaby #
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