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Well, not a complete fail. I mean, I finished (and barely- I didn’t plan ahead to have enough slack to cast off and had to trim the slack from when I started and tied it to my finishing end…) but that’s about where my knitting success ends.

I’ll leave it to the picture to show where all the fail comes in. It’s a weird beaver-tail shaped paddle of a short, fat swiss cheese scarf. If look at one end vs the other, you can visually see my skill improve. It’s almost like those old pictures of the spider web after they gave the spider drugs.

Hopefully next scarf will look significantly less retarded and MF will be happier to model it.

I had an awesome time with my homie Keesha of today- it was a total girl-o-rama. We had lunch and coffee at Liberty Market (one of my absolutely fave East Valley hangouts) and over our delicious beverages, I mentioned that I really wanted to learn how to knit. Keesha suggested we pick up some yarn and she’d give me a lesson. We picked some up at the craft store, and I’ve been a knitting fool ever since. I’m hoping my fingers get used to it and hurt less, because they haven’t been this cramped since the days of handwriting book reports.

So this is my little scarf so far… It’s looking pretty wonky, but it’s my first bash at it. Don’t judge me.