Oops. Procrastinated going down to the pool and it started pouring down rain! It only lasted a few minutes though, and it was actually pretty awesome. Ended up swimming, snorkeling in the bay, playing on a water slide and walking through town hunting for empanadas. Having a blast in #puertorico. This place is incredible!

You haven't had an energy drink until you've had SHARK STIMULATION. Bring out the beast!

Muchas aves  #oldsanjuan #puertorico #pigeons

It's me, but tiny (photo by @fueledbypez) #oldsanjuan #puertorico

un gato con un ojoWild cats were roaming all over the city, and most of them weren't afraid of people and would let you pet them. #oldsanjuan #catsofoldsanjuan #puertorico