As some of my closer friends may have already heard, one of my breast implants deflated last week (because I didn’t have enough going on already). Luckily, my doctor is awesome and was able to get me in rather quickly. I was in for my consult/pre-op on Tuesday and then in for surgery on Friday. Everything went well with the surgery and I slept pretty much all day Friday. Saturday I was up and about a little more, but again spent most of my time in bed. I mustered up the strength for a shower today, and getting three days worth of stank off me sure made a world of difference. I’ve managed to not take any major pain killers today, just some ibuprofen. I might take a pain pill at some point today, but so far I’m okay. I’m keeping up on my antibiotics, vitamins and trying to remember to eat every few hours.

The pain is significantly less from my first surgery, since the muscles and scar tissue have already been stretched and formed. It was really just a simple implant exchange. I probably could have stood for an extra day out of work, but I think I’ll manage alright tomorrow.

So for those of you who might stumple upon my page due to googling something about deflating breast implants here’s a little helpful info:

1) Call your surgeon ASAP. You want to get booked for your revision right away so your capsule doesn’t start to shrink.
2) Don’t panic. It’s not the end of the world.
3) You more than likely have some type of warranty coverage. Mine only ended up costing me $171 out of pocket. Totally do-able.
4) It’s likely not going to hurt as bad as it did the first time, meaning much less time off work.
5) No, the deflation itself didn’t hurt. It was a little tender by the end of the week, but nothing painful. A few tylenol did the trick.
6) My surgeon was able to open up the original incision sites in my underarms, so no new scars. Discuss this with your doctor!

I’ll put some pictures of my scars after the jump, that way if you don’t feel like looking you don’t have to. Because really, they’re kind of gross.

Right underarm, 3 days post op


Left underarm, 3 days post op