I woke up this morning grinning from a dream I had. I’ll preface this with hearing other people’s dreams is annoying and I don’t expect anyone to care. Also, my dreams are generally pretty much always the same- me late for something, me missing some major event, cruise ship dreams, and airplane dreams. That’s pretty much it, so the fact that had a randomly different one was kind of nice. Anyway, in this one my favorite pair of jeans- a $180 pair of Citizens that have been with me about five years now, was so baggy I could barely keep them up. I remember trying to snap a picture of my stomach and me pulling the jeans out away from me showing how much I had lost. I had some abs! Every time I snapped the picture and looked closely my stomach was horrific- covered in stretch marks, scars and veins. After that I remember running some kind of race, like a 5k or a mud run or something.

I could get all super analytic about it, but I’ll just take a little lesson away. That moment when I pulled those jeans like five inches from my waist, it felt good. Like, real good. When I looked down with my eyes, I liked what I saw. It wasn’t until I looked too closely did I feel bad and embarrassed.

I hope as I progress in this journey I’ll remember to be pleased with my accomplishments and not over scrutinize myself. I’ll never be perfect, so I can’t put that expectation on myself. If you look hard enough there will always be flaws to see and that’s okay :)