I had a dream a few nights ago that a guy from my crossfit gym was taking my little sister to India for 10 months. She came to our mother and me with this halfhearted sense of excitement mixed with dread as she knew we wouldn’t approve. I panicked at first, forbidding her to go. The thought of her being away so far and for so long was terrifying. I promptly threatened crossfit guy. Later while talking to our mom I had a thought, and I pictured her walking around in India, experiencing a completely different culture- not a canned “save the sea turtles” version, but seeing the world for the first time. Truly seeing it, like that moment you realize how big and grand everything is and you understand that you are actually a citizen of Earth, not just America. I looked at our mom and said we need to let her go. She needs to see that and let it sink in to who she is and let it change her in profound ways. I became embarrassed of my initial reaction and told her to go, to see and learn and taste and experience everything and teach me about it when she got back.