I haven't been the best about watching what I eat since becoming pregnant. In fact, I've been pretty terrible at it. I try to at least get one nutrient dense smoothie with lots of greens every day, but aside from that my cravings have gotten the best of me. I'm not really worried from a weight gain standpoint, doc says I'm fine and I feel good- it's more that I'm usually a pretty healthy eater and this has thrown me WAY off track from that. I'm really happy that Max and I have decided to cut out added sugars together- it's something I've done numerous times for various stretches and have had mixed success with. I always feel great and drop a few pounds but it's really hard to sustain. I feel much better knowing we're doing it together and it's already easier with someone helping me for accountability. I have to get my #glucosescreening in a week or so, and here's hoping I don't have to worry about #gestationaldiabetes… if so, at least I'm already on a good path towards managing it through diet! PS these delicious #deviledeggs are just half light mayo, half fat free Greek yogurt and some spices (I use a sprinkle of ranch powder and a bit of seasoned salt) and they're such a yummy midday snack! About 20g of protein to keep you chugging through the day!
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