It seems like literally overnight my baby isn’t a baby anymore. It doesn’t even feel like a good adjective for him because all of a sudden he exists in fast forward. He figured out how to crawl only days ago, and now he just wants to pull himself to standing and try to walk on wobbly legs and pointed toes. His emotions are burning stronger and happiness cascades into frustration into anger and back all within seconds, punctuated by giggles and squirms. Even the gummy smiles that opened chambers in my heart that I didn’t know existed, are now dotted with two little teeth. Wild, jerking limbs have been replaced with intentional movements and curious explorations with fingers that point and grasp. A bath in the real bathtub for the first time tonight because the sink seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Just like that my baby isn’t such a baby anymore, and while I don’t wish to slow anything down or pause time I just want to be aware of each phase and enjoy each moment fully because he’ll never be as young as he was today, ever again.
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