I did a lot of swearing under my breath today. Traffic? Check. Cancelled appointment? Check. Annoying telemarketer call? CHECK@#$@#%@@!!!

Really all this wouldn’t normally bother me but I’m still sore, I’m weening myself of my pain killers (aka sweet relief) and I really could have used an extra day in bed. I’m hoping I can snap out of it, because being in a bad mood doesn’t suit me. I get frown lines.

My post-op appointment with Dr. Hotness was today, and all checked out with flying colors. Swelling and bruising is minimal, and all is looking great. This guy really is an artist. I mean, I really wouldn’t want to have to go through this again, but it’s kind of a blessing in disguise. He was able to go in an fix the asymmetry that had been bugging me since the beginning so at least there’s that. I’m SO thankful to be coming out of this with a beautiful rack, and dare I say, even more beautiful than when I started.

I’m glad the surgery is behind me, and all is looking good. I just want to get back to feeling normal. I know that’s a loaded word, but I want to feel normal for ME. My smiley, goofy, optimistic self. With everything that’s been going on it’s been a concerted effort to get out of bed every day, and that just doesn’t feel right. I’m not used to that at all. I guess it’s still early to expect myself to spring out of bed with a smile, but that’s what I’m waiting trying for. I hope it doesn’t take too long.