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@fueledbypez took our gelato date in Old Town very seriously.

#tbt to spring break 2002 in #Mazatlan with my #alphasigmaalpha sorority sisters. Splashing around with @tiffany_gail_ ️ Often times people have negative stereotypes about sororities/fraternities and the people in them. Becoming an #ASA sister literally changed my life. My freshman year in college I had just gotten out of an extremely unhealthy relationship, I was just shy of 200lbs, and I didn't have close friends who had similar life goals. Meeting the girls who became my sisters raised me up, taught me to value and respect myself, helped me learn healthy habits and how to become a woman of poise and purpose. I will forever be grateful for that, and am thankful they are still some of my closest friends over a decade later. @superwife @nancypants13 @smeurer @jenforyou @tiffany_gail_