At 1:56am on February 21st of this year I became a mom. I guess some people consider themselves a mom when they get pregnant but not me. It all changed when he showed up and I felt the gravity of this impossibly small, perfect little defenseless being rooting on my chest, clinging to me while the scary world outside of the warm, dark womb overwhelmed him. The weeks that followed were a blur of tears and anxiety and fear but somehow that was all wonderful at the same time. An initiation into this club that I had always knew I wanted into but never understood what it truly meant. This new version of the same universe that now I can share knowing glances with other women and a world of acknowledgment and understanding conveys in a single moment. Thank you for making me a mother #atreyumcmillan, and thank you @fueledbypez for allowing me this honor of creating this beautiful child that is the best parts of both of us. Happy Mother’s Day to all women in all forms of motherhood, as it manifests itself in countless ways. You all count, and I see you. #happymothersday #myfirstmothersday #tribeofmotherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #birthphoto #sisterhood
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