no, i didn’t get anything pierced. that ship left port somewhere around my sophomore year in college.

i’m talking about the needles you stick in your face long after your wild streaks have been traded in for gray ones.

i got dysport. (for those not in the know, dysport is like botox. it’s basically a coke and pepsi thing- same drug, different manufacturer)

you might be wondering why i did this, seeing as how i haven’t even hit 30 yet.  there’s a few reasons i’ll outline below-

1) i work for a cosmetic dermatologist. i spend my days telling people why it’s a good idea and i figured it’s best to have an actual personal point of view on the subject.

2) i was curious. i see people do it all day long, and i wanted to know what it was like.

3) it’s preventative. neuromodulators (the technical term for things like botox and dysport) prevent wrinkles from forming by stopping repeated movements of overactive facial muscles. mine were my forehead. i’d have a nasty line across my forehead by the end of the day taunting me in my rear view mirror on my drive home from work. now, my forehead glistens in wrinkle-free glory.

4) why not? it wears off in like 4 months. in the off chance i hated it, it fades away (but of course i effing love it!)

MF doesn’t like the idea, but i think he likes that i can’t scowl at him anymore.