Haven't been feeling very transform-y since I've been out of the gym the last 10 days with bronchitis. Posting this to keep my spirits up! Sadly confirmed the loss of some more muscle at the doctor today, but not letting that get me down! I'll be back at it in a few days and have a new lifting plan thanks to my coaches at @azprophysiques and I'm super excited! I've been #reversedieting and my calories are up to 1650 with 160 carbs! It's operation #buildmuscle and hopefully get me up over 2000 cals before I start cutting again. For reference I was down to 1200 cals and #carbcycling between 60 and 100 carbs before we figured out my #thyroid and #hormones were contributing to my major stall in progress. Getting myself back healthy and balanced and am feeling awesome... other than the bronchitis obvi :P Happy #transformationtuesday #fitfam!