Archives for the day of: September 7, 2014

My non-food #workout faves? #c4  and #alphaaminos by #cellucor. I don't always use a #preworkout but obviously today I need a boost. #aminos are the building blocks for your muscles, and this particular one is great intra workout to boost hydration also! Sometimes I forget how good all the cellucor products taste until I use something else. I had some #BCAA's the other day that were so gross I had to throw away my shaker  Other than these I love my #polarwatch to keep an eye on my heart rate!

Good hearty #brunch to turn into all the #gainz later today! Went nuts at #wholefoods... #organic non GMO buttermilk biscuits topped with organic honey from #PuertoRico, organic cage free range turkey bacon, organic free range eggs. What a treat! Ate up about half my fats for the day, but totally worth it! #macros for this feast- 556 cals, 36C, 35P, 28F, 1g Fiber (lol) Have I mentioned lately that I love food?!