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That's the first race I've ever finished to the smell of corn dogs and cotton candy  Personal best! Only about 43 seconds short of my goal, so next time for sure. Especially if I actually get some runs in ahead of time  #azstatefair5k #5k #running #sundayfunday #sundayRUNday #fitspo #fitfam

Sunrise over the #midway. #azstatefair #azstatefair5k #5k #running

I love #wheatgrass shots! Probably sort of mental, but I will have one if I'm feeling sluggish or starting to get sick. Lots of #chlorophyll and #micronutrients. First #5k of the season tomorrow, so I got one for a little boost. Not really going for time since I haven't been training- just happy to get my feet on the pavement and enjoy a crisp fall morning

#breakfast- my favorite meal of the day!! I got this idea from one of my favorite #fitspo bikini beauties and fellow flexible dieter @1fitashmom. I attribute her impressive #transformation with proving to me what I had been told- you don't have to starve yourself to get fit. You have to nourish your body and give it fuel to perform. I'll always be grateful for that! This is a Thomas light English muffin, two egg whites and slice of Sargento ultra thin cheddar. Toast the muffin. Spray a coffee mug with cooking spray and put in your egg whites and any seasonings you like. Put in the microwave for 2 min, but check it at a min and then every 20 seconds or so after. It'll fluff up when it's done. Pop it on your muffin, add cheese and you're all set! Delicious, hearty and full of protein and fiber!#macros 195 cals, 18P, 24C, 4F, 8g Fiber#flexibledieting #iifym #healthybreakfast #eggmcmacro #fitfam #fitfoods #macrodieting

I woke up on the couch at 8am and sighed, feeling sad and let down. I had woken from a dream that was so real and so emotional, I felt more tired having slept. I laid there, remembering it, knowing that when you start moving out of bed, you begin to forget your dreams. I told Max out loud that I just dreamed I found my father. In it, I had gotten a first cousin match on one of my DNA sites- not sure which one, looked sort of generic, like one would expect in a dream. I did some elimination and realized this person was my father’s brother. Eventually I tracked them down, and they were all fishing in a pond. I looked around, and made eye contact with a man with a long, white ponytail and tan, aged skin. We smiled at each other, and I noticed his eyes looked like mine. He seemed kind. I didn’t say anything and just took him in visually, inspecting him for similarities. Suddenly my sister was with me, and he looked at us and commented how we looked alike, and I just laughed and told him that we didn’t hear that often, and that we have different dads, mentally laughing at the irony. I couldn’t work up the nerve to tell him.  I went to Max and I held him and sobbed that I had finally found him- that I was able to get to him with zero information, no name, no anything. I had done it. I woke up shortly after that, so there was no big revelation to this person and no name. I remember the feeling distinctly though- it was peaceful but very, very overwhelming. My head was spinning. I can only imagine that would be pretty accurate. I laid on the couch for a few minutes, just remembering his face and that feeling. It left me feeling sad, but hopeful. I’ll feel that someday.