I woke up on the couch at 8am and sighed, feeling sad and let down. I had woken from a dream that was so real and so emotional, I felt more tired having slept. I laid there, remembering it, knowing that when you start moving out of bed, you begin to forget your dreams. I told Max out loud that I just dreamed I found my father. In it, I had gotten a first cousin match on one of my DNA sites- not sure which one, looked sort of generic, like one would expect in a dream. I did some elimination and realized this person was my father’s brother. Eventually I tracked them down, and they were all fishing in a pond. I looked around, and made eye contact with a man with a long, white ponytail and tan, aged skin. We smiled at each other, and I noticed his eyes looked like mine. He seemed kind. I didn’t say anything and just took him in visually, inspecting him for similarities. Suddenly my sister was with me, and he looked at us and commented how we looked alike, and I just laughed and told him that we didn’t hear that often, and that we have different dads, mentally laughing at the irony. I couldn’t work up the nerve to tell him.  I went to Max and I held him and sobbed that I had finally found him- that I was able to get to him with zero information, no name, no anything. I had done it. I woke up shortly after that, so there was no big revelation to this person and no name. I remember the feeling distinctly though- it was peaceful but very, very overwhelming. My head was spinning. I can only imagine that would be pretty accurate. I laid on the couch for a few minutes, just remembering his face and that feeling. It left me feeling sad, but hopeful. I’ll feel that someday.