Archives for the day of: March 26, 2014

Guilt free treat :) Zero calorie #stevia sweetened root beer and some #arcticzero vanilla ice cream = a 36 calorie #rootbeerfloat. It's definitely not the real thing, but it hit the spot!

I don't usually repost quotes but this one really hit home. I have had a bad week. Travel, plus the largest and most stressful convention of the year. Re-evaluating goals. Trying to not feel like a failure. I have to remember, strength isn't always about not falling off- it's about getting back up quickly. That has been the key difference between this past year and any other time I've attempted a lifestyle change. This time I have NOT given up, and I won't. Head back in the game. Thanks for the motivation, @kristikupcakes and to @fueledbypez for the constant support ️