Archives for the month of: February, 2014

#SouthernHospitality is in full effect people! The North Carolina rep bought me this beautiful #MichaelKors business card holder as a thank you for coming to teach the seminar I'm doing tomorrow near Duke University. I'm touched! So kind and considerate ️it even matches my MK purse!!

Wooooop!! Get ready @superwife it's on! Time to get our butts actually blogging again!! Haha! Who else is going?? @cupcakerehabdotcom @raisedbyculture @ohjezzy ???

Sometimes I think slow and low #cardio is harder than anything else. Trying to keep my heart rate below 125 is no easy thing. Plus, I really prefer sprinting because the time goes by so fast. Plus... The BOREDOM. Ugh! At least I have IG to keep me entertained.

Uhhhh really #mtv?? I'll be the first to admit I love trashy reality shows but, dude. I just can't. #teenmom2 #wtf #imissmusicvideos #deadfetus???

While inventive and somewhat effective, wearing sunglasses over my actual glasses is not a viable long term solution. Time for prescription sunglasses :P I hate admitting that my eyes are getting that bad!!