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The beautiful and talented @royodreau walking the runway at #springintofashion, just having styled a show for Clothes Minded Boutique :) #phoenixfashionweek #azfashion

Just a reminder to myself that a bad week doesn't negate a year of hard work

Story of my LIFE. #hotlavaplate #coldasschicken #microwavelife #fitnessproblems reposted from @selena_eva

Boy today isn't my day! 7 vials of blood and a biopsy! No, but really- have you had your #skincancer screening this year? Or ever?? Working in #dermatology I am hyper aware of my moles- and a new one popped up that was darker in color than all the rest. Sure enough, the doc wanted it gone! It was easy and barely stung. Get checked out every year and watch out for #moles that change size, shape or color!! #skincare #cancerprevention #skincheck

Better living through modern medicine. #hormonetesting