Archives for the day of: July 21, 2014

Ready to start peeling off some of this body fat to see some of the muscles I've been building! Speaking of- gotta get real for a second. I'm on the #strugglebus my friends! Last week was my national meeting in NJ/NY and I pretty much ate like a total dickhead and worked 12-15 hours a day and didn't hit the gym. Thankfully this muscle I've put on helped a sister out and I only gained like two pounds and had it off the day after I got home (probably water weight from all the sodium) BUT the point is what the eff do I do? I seem to have zero restraint when the little cart of hotel coffee and pastries comes out and all my meals are plated. No car to go to the store, not a ton of healthy options. It's not an excuse- I know some people out there figure it out. I am hoping maybe some pharma/traveling/etc people could chime in and give me some pointers?? @suswaters? @jessica_maxon_ ??

Lunching so hard right now!! All this jazz is from my trip to #traderjoes (which my phone just tried to auto correct to "trader hoes"- no comment). Pre-grilled chicken breast, steamed asparagus and frozen wild rice medly. Toppings are cilantro chive Greek yogurt dressing and balsamic glaze. This all took no more than 10 min. I haven't properly done #mealprep in awhile because I end up wasting food since I'm traveling so much. TJ's really came through with the prepackaged basics- no preservatives, just frozen whole foods and fresh veggies that require little to no prep work! #macros for this masterpiece: 35g C, 40g P, 8g F, 7g fiber#healthyfood #fasthealthyfood #contestprep #prepfriendly #macrodieting #iifym #flexibledieting #bikiniprep #npcaz #eatforabs

Lately I feel like I’ve had to pinch myself. Whether it was snuggling in bed by the fireplace at the most exquisite mountainside resort in Aspen, taking an urban hike through the streets of downtown Chicago or strolling along peacefully at the St. Louis Zoo, I’ve gotten to see some incredible sights and have some amazing experiences this year. I come home to a man I love, family that cares for me and is always there and am taking it all in while feeling more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before. Obviously it’s not always perfect- it’s hard to be away from home so much. I have to put some things on hold because of my travel schedule, which can be frustrating at times. Overall though, I feel like my life has found such an awesome groove and I couldn’t be happier.

I haven’t really done anything by way of wedding planning. I’ve pinned a few things, but really I haven’t felt the push or desire to make any solid plans yet. With the new house needing some upgrades, that is really where our budget will be going for the remainder of the year anyway. It’ll be all I can do not to just elope. Neither of us want to make a big deal of it, so we’ll see where the rest of the year takes us. I just want it to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible, and in the end just be married. The rest is all just details anyway :) This time is different- it’s about us, not pleasing anyone else or having a big showy ceremony and reception. Neither of us are tied to tradition- quite the opposite actually. If we do have a reception, I’d rather it felt like a party or a celebration where our friends and loved ones can come together, eat, drink and be happy. That’s really it (and I need to look fabulous, of course)