Traveling has gotten the best of me much more than I'd like to admit. I've been home for 48 hours the past three weeks and it's wearing on me. My gym time has been sadly negligible and I've been eating like an asshole. I had given up hope for hitting a stage in October but not told anyone. I told @kristikupcakes and it put me in a serious funk just hearing it out loud (via text anyway). Not sure what changed but I woke up this morning, had my eggs and oats, packed my workout gear in my suitcase with a strange, renewed sense of determination. I'm going to give it all I have for the next 11 weeks. I won't do it at the expense of my health but I will try my hardest. I may not be ready for October anyway but I'll try, and if it's not October I'm NOT giving up- I'll be just that much more ready for March. Travel is a bitch. It's stressful and lonely and tiresome but I'm going to try my hardest and do my best.