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Max texted me this yesterday. I miss my Roo, especially on #nationaldogday. I'm thankful @fueledbypez and @mylissa_x3 love her and take such good care of her when I'm away. Hug your puppies, friends

Warning: adding #squats to an already big booty can result in dangerous curves

A little #transformationtuesday action! About a year and a half between those pics. Can't wait to see where the next year takes me! So happy with my progress. It's been slow, and a test of my patience and will power, but I'm thankful for that in hindsight. It's made me stronger, more dedicated and patient with myself.  I can't stress this enough: DONT. GIVE. UP. #fitfam #beforeandafter #fatloss #musclegain #bouldershoulders #contestprep #journeytothestage #beforeandafterfatloss #gainz