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Okay, I had to post this video blog because it made me laugh. Note my significant reduction in enthusiasm after the braces are on…

The braces are on my face. After making the decision this summer, it’s been a long road of saving money and dental visits to get like seven fillings to prepare. But they’re finally here. The excitement has tapered precipitously, and it’s been an annoying 24 hours of yogurt, soup and protein shakes. So far they’re uncomfortable but not unbearable. It’s a dull ache that is increased when I bite down. The bottom row isn’t on yet, and that comes in about five weeks. I’d almost rather have them all on at once and get over it, but I took their suggestion and am waiting it out, as apparently the bottom row is a bit more uncomfortable. Yay.

Wax has been a saving grace, and oatmeal is less braces-friendly than you’d imagine.

I’ve brushed my teeth no less than 14,762 times since yesterday.

I’ve been taking advil like a crazy person, which I’m sure my gastrointernologist would be super annoyed about, and I’ll likely pay for in awful heartburn later.

More updates as this gets more interesting.

That’s how I’m starting to feel. FINALLY. I’ve been really putting my mind to it for about the last 7 weeks or so. Give or take. Foursquare says I’ve been at the gym for six consecutive weeks. My LA Fitness check in record says September has been my most active month to date. Instagram is showing off my good food choices. I’m pretty consistently below my calorie budget, per my LoseIt App. My fitbit is tracking my steps, and I’m averaging at least 6,000 per day (which could use a little work, but hey).

Clearly technology has been a big part of this.

I don’t think I’d be able to be as clearly on point without the help of my websites, gadgets and apps. It’s really been helpful. I’m a person who lives and dies by numbers- they make things tangible for me.

Or I’m just a huge nerd.

I’ve also found myself really enjoying a bootcamp style class being offered at my gym. The class is fun, super intense, and the instructor is great. The station/circuit style of the class makes it go by quicker and keeps it interesting. The first class I was pretty sure I was going to die, but somehow made it through. Almost puked a few times, but luckily managed to choke it back. Now the class is getting a little easier, and I really look forward to it.

Feeling strong is new and exciting. I don’t have my running endurance as high as I used to, but I am faster. My sprints are a higher MPH and can last longer. With having more of a focus on lifting, I can feel myself becoming more toned and it’s so awesome. It’s really what has been motivating me to keep going. I was even able to increase the size of the freeweights I’m using during my classes.

One thing that is difficult is that I compare the amount of effort I’m putting out now versus how hard I worked years ago, and I see how it’s taking me so much more now that I’m older. If I would have worked this hard at 22, I’d be flaunting around in a bikini by now. Annoying. I want to shake the shit out of my early 20’s self. I’d say “Oh, you think you’re fat now? Just wait. You don’t even know.”

Hopefully in another 7 weeks I’ll have made even better progress. I also hope that my vacation doesn’t totally derail me. I want to work out when I can, jog on the beach in Florida, drink water, snack less. This will be a challenge, but a good one.


Since the health insurance fairy recently waived her magical (read: fickle, expensive, necessary) wand upon me, I decided to make an appointment to see a dentist. Today I sat, was x-ray’ed, examined, poked and scraped. After it all, I heard something that in my many years of dental care, had never heard directed towards me:


I’ve always grown up being complimented on my smile. Although it looks nice enough, a closer examination into my mouth reveals the total shit show that my teeth have become over the years. Two teeth pulled, two on death’s door, crooked bottom row and a crown that needs replacing. Of course, all this equals big bucks and I am currently a person of small bucks so it’s all really out of the question. It’s been on my agenda to start looking at making a plan and working towards a fabulous, healthy mouth… tooth by expensive ass tooth. I’ve always envied all those people on TV shows who get to have a total mouth makeover and just go do it all at once and wake up one day with a perfect movie star smile. Yes, I have cried at the tooth reveals on Extreme Makeover.

So back to the braces.

I had two teeth pulled a few years ago. Both are towards the back of the right side of my mouth, one top and one bottom. The top one shows when I smile and it’s horribly embarrassing to me. That’s why you’ll always be looking at the left side of my face in ANY photograph you see of me. Always.

Mr. Dentist (who was lovely) said that those are usually the two teeth that they will pull in preparation for getting braces put on- so I’m already halfway there. He said it would be more cost effective and would correct all my bite issues and grinding. Tempting offer.

Drawbacks? Looking 13 for the last two years of my 20’s. What if MF dumps me and I have to try and be single at nearly 30 with braces? Can you still look sexy or am I doomed to 24 months of marmish nerdiness? I just see them being a total buzzkill and making my confidence do a nosedive. My instant gratification side wants me to just pony up for the bridge and be done with it. Mr. Dentist said it would just be putting a band-aid over my bigger issues, but it was my choice to make.

I’m definitely open to feedback here…

PS- after some googling… there are definitely a lot of people out there who think braces are sexy. And they have websites. Not what I’m going for, however.

no, i didn’t get anything pierced. that ship left port somewhere around my sophomore year in college.

i’m talking about the needles you stick in your face long after your wild streaks have been traded in for gray ones.

i got dysport. (for those not in the know, dysport is like botox. it’s basically a coke and pepsi thing- same drug, different manufacturer)

you might be wondering why i did this, seeing as how i haven’t even hit 30 yet.  there’s a few reasons i’ll outline below-

1) i work for a cosmetic dermatologist. i spend my days telling people why it’s a good idea and i figured it’s best to have an actual personal point of view on the subject.

2) i was curious. i see people do it all day long, and i wanted to know what it was like.

3) it’s preventative. neuromodulators (the technical term for things like botox and dysport) prevent wrinkles from forming by stopping repeated movements of overactive facial muscles. mine were my forehead. i’d have a nasty line across my forehead by the end of the day taunting me in my rear view mirror on my drive home from work. now, my forehead glistens in wrinkle-free glory.

4) why not? it wears off in like 4 months. in the off chance i hated it, it fades away (but of course i effing love it!)

MF doesn’t like the idea, but i think he likes that i can’t scowl at him anymore.