Archives for the day of: January 17, 2014

Life. Changed. It's as good as I hoped... It's like having a little red sour patch kid that doesn't go away when you chew it. #bought14packs #sohappy

#flexfriday! Haha! I think those shadows are working in my favor, but hey- I'll take it :) Arms and shoulders are getting stronger. Looking forward to leaning out and seeing more definition soon!

FINALLY recorded another #braces video update and loved going back and looking at my old ones. So much has changed- even the way my jaw moves when I talk. I had no idea how bad my bite/jaw was until I saw a comparison. Home stretch... Just a few more months! If you want to see the videos, my username is the same on YouTube :) #adultbraces #orthodontics #bracesprogress #beforeandafter

Up with the sun. Wish me luck at the ENT- hoping I didn't break my dumb nose the other night when I ran my face into a wall. It kind of tilts to the right now, and my breathing is all stuffy. Leave it to me. #callmegrace #accidentprone