Archives for the day of: January 28, 2014

How lucky am I to get to spend another birthday with the kindest, most honest, intelligent, generous, understanding, devilishly handsome man there is?? Pretty damn lucky. He even thinks my quirks are cute and tolerates my love of pop music and singing reality shows and that I'm forgetful and messy and often late. I love him for all the ways he is different from anyone I have ever met, and how he cries at movies with me and loves animals and appreciates culture and travel and how he has emerald green eyes that I could stare into forever, and how compete at things but most of all we compete at making the other smile. Happy (almost) birthday Max, I love you more every day.

Taking the man friend to see #ReggieandtheFullEffect for his B-day. Nothing makes you feel old like a punk show!

You can't mess around with a coconut #allergy in the house. #danger #photobomb