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Saturday night at the bar

I know the #arizonasky pics are probably getting old, but this was just too beautiful. #Stormysky at #sunset in #tempe

And then day turned into night  #azstorm #monsoon #arizonarain #tempe #arizona

I feel like I keep having to do this, like this whole year has been a series of setbacks and do-overs. Once I got to Maryland and saw how sick my grandmother was, every shred of self care went out the window entirely. I didn't even take my meds, any of my supplements, didn't work out, barely even walked around. I've been home since Wednesday and today is the first time I could muster up the wherewithal to exercise. Or clean my house. Or do much of anything. I've just been sad. Thankfully gram is improving. Despite my feeling extremely helpless from so far away, I'm starting to feel ok. I worked out, and wouldn't you know it- it was like I never left. I funneled those feelings into the gym and used them to lift lots of heavy things. I PR'ed my #deadlifts and my #squats and it felt amazing. I know I withdraw when I need support the most and I have to learn to ask for help and remember how good it feels to use that negative energy for something positive.

I don't care how hard you're ballin, you don't ball nearly as hard as this guy. #ballerlevelexpert #goldcadillac #srslythough